Hockey: Badgers take a Leek victory

Buxton Badgers in action
Buxton Badgers in action

Buxton Badgers got off to a flying start in windy conditions against Leek, and came home with a 2-1 victory.

From the start, the Badgers were in attacking mode under the captaincy of Kai Gilbride with brilliant open play and great use of the wingers Adam Munden and Finley Jackson.

They capitalised on this in the first 15 minutes and Gilbride stopped a Leek breakaway, and after a great pick-up Noah McCahill worked his way past two defenders into the D.

A little tap of the ball between the Gilbride and McCahill allowed Sol Gilbride to put himself in a great position in the goal mouth and he shot past the Leek keeper.

In defence, Harry Hobday, Daniel Taylor and Jack Hobday proved a constant irritation to Leek and they played a key role in stopping many Leek advances and keeping the ball in the Badgers half.

Kai Gilbride had a couple of shots on target, the second going past a defender but being cleared on the line by the goalkeeper.

Accurate passes from Alfie Dewberry and McCahill meant momentum was going in Buxton’s direction but Leek won a short corner.

Despite relentless defence by Emily Bradbury and Harry Hobday, Leek capitalised putting a ball past keeper Matthew Schofield making it 1 -1 at half time.

In the second half, play was evenly matched to begin with, highlighting the Badgers improving fitness as the ball was played up and down the length of the pitch.

Buxton won a number of short corners but the defence proved too good as an Emily Bradbury shot was on target but deflected away.

A noticeable difference this week was despite the Badgers having no adult players, their great response to the two adult players in the opposition.

They were determined not to lose the ball and they all improved in running the ball down on the occasions it was lost. Passing accuracy was also noted.

They kept their focus and were rewarded in the final few minutes, when Kai Gilbride played a ball into the D, Finlay Jackson picked it up and refused to back down in a one on one tussle with the goal keeper, winning the match with the goal.

Badgers: K Gilbride, S Gilbride, A Dewberry, A Munden, H McCahill, E Bradbury, F Jackson, J Hobday, H Hobday, M Schofield, D Taylor.

Man of the Match: Finlay Jackson