Golf Column: Tips to help your putting

Sam Shaw, PGA pro from Hayfield
Sam Shaw, PGA pro from Hayfield

PGA professional Sam Shaw, from Hayfield, gives tips on putting in his latest golf column.

As a player and coach it is my job to make the game easier for you.

With my regular tips and advice I want to help you get the most out of your game. This week’s tip is on putting.

What club do you use the most during a round of golf?

The answer is your putter.

Focus on your fundamentals to improve your “P’s of Putting”.

Master this list and you will be well on your way to a better stroke and lower scores.

Pace - The speed of your putts.

Path - The direction the ball travels on the green.

Pendulum - The tick-tock motion of your putter.

Patience - Relax and take your time.

Practice - The only way to improve your putting.

Think about your putting and recognise which “P” can be improved upon the most.

Focus your practice on this and watch your putting improve.

A great drill that I often use to help my distance and pace judgement is to hit some putts from long range, looking at the hole throughout the stroke.

By concentrating on the target and not the ball you should start to develop a more natural, instinctive feel for how hard to swing.

Use this before going out to play and your pace control, which is crucial, will be spot on.

If this has helped and would like further improvement with your game you can contact me on 01614 275759 to book a lesson at Mellor & Townscliffe Golf Club.