Fifth win notched up by Second XI

ENER-G Hockey League

2nd XI: East Midlands 2

Ramgarhia II 0, Buxton II 3

Buxton Seconds notched up their fifth league win of the season against Ramgarhia at Derby, but made heavy weather of it against the bottom-of-the-table team.

Constantly losing possession and missing chances, they didn’t score for 40 minutes, though when the goals came they were of high quality.

The first was from a practised short corner routine involving injector Sewell and stopper J Lomas, resulting in M Lomas deliberately striking the ball just wide of the right-hand goal post for Saunders to skilfully deflect the ball home.

A difficult set-piece, but when done properly is almost impossible to defend against.

J Lomas got goal number two after initially starting the sequence with a square pass from the left wing just over the halfway line.

The switch of play was continued by the midfield to the right wing where Saunders dribbled around the defence to centre the ball into the circle.

The first shot at goal was saved by the keeper, but Lomas had made a 40-yard run from his initial pass to hit in the rebound from just inside the D.

With just minutes to go to the final whistle, another goal was scored from a short corner, when a clean strike by Longden was deflected into the net by a defender’s foot.

The Bucks’ defenders coped well against the relatively fewer Ramgarhia attacks and goalkeeper Thyer only touched the ball about six times in the whole match.

However, in order to make more progress, the team must learn to keep better possession by making use of more square and backward passes.

Buxton: S Thyer, P Danson, M Lomas, J Clayton, J Lomas, S Longden, J Sewell, L Saunders, D Pathe, J Meaton, T Griffin, D Robins, M Hambleton, P Heathcote.