Buxton juniors deliver a winning double in Stoke

Giann Magno
Giann Magno

Buxton Amateur Boxing Club’s junior duo Liam Sircar and Giann Magno secured a winning double on a recent trip to Stoke.

First up was Liam Sircar, ending a period of inactivity with a good first round, demonstrating good accuracy through the ring rust.

On two or three occasions Sircar managed to rock his Blackburn opponent’s head back with long-range one-twos, and as rounds one and two ebbed and flowed, Sircar had success with heavier shots and a pressing style.

Round three predictably saw his opponent come close to close the gap and Sircar was forced to work for his unanimous points win.

If points were scored for attempting to intimidate your boxer, Magno’s opponent would have entered the ring with an unassailable margin.

As it was, the Buxton boxer outmanned his opponent before the real action commenced.

With both lads holding similar records, and Magno giving away age advantage, it was anticipated this would be a challenging contest.

Magno settled into the bout early and immediately looked sharp, demonstrating good foot and head movement to avoid the incoming attack, and responding well with sharp counters, some landing with hurtful consequence.

After an impressive first round, Magno continued with excellent movement and sharp shots from multiple angles.

His Manchester opponent boxed well throughout but was unable to bully Magno, who looked too sharp.

Awarded a majority victory, on the basis of one suspect card, this was a good win for Magno and capped a good double for Buxton Amateur Boxing Club.