Buxton Hockey Club II well beaten by Mansfield

BUXTON Hockey Club round-up.
BUXTON Hockey Club round-up.

Buxton II were beaten 9-1 by Mansfield II as they struggled to come to terms with a difficult pitch.

With a number of passes not reaching their intended targets due to the slow moving pitch, Buxton soon went down 2-0 early on.

George Bradbury was trampled by an opposition player requiring him to play up front, resulting in captain Sam Longden moving to right-back.

This drastic change due came to a lack of personnel within a limited team.

With this change Buxton conceded another goal giving Mansfield a hat-trick.

Mansfield applied more pressure and found themselves 5-0 up at half-time.

Buxton came out in the second half with their heads high, but found themselves facing a penalty stroke after the ball hit Max Bennett’s body on the line with the penalty converted by Mansfield.

Buxton responded well when James Whibberley-Cross won a free hit in the bottom corner of the pitch.

He acted quickly and pulled it back to Sam Longden who played the ball through to George Bradbury who hit the shot on the reverse lobbing the ball over the goalkeeper giving him no chance.

As the Buxton players tired due to only having 11 men, and two of them picking up injuries during the game, they went on to concede three more goals making the final score 9-1.