Buxton boxer Irvin impresses in regional bout

Irvin Magno of Buxton ABC.
Irvin Magno of Buxton ABC.

Representing Buxton, Derbyshire and the East Midlands, light welterweight champion Irvin Magno made the short trip to Clowne, Chesterfield to box in the Elite Northern pre quarter-finals against North-East based Darren Richardson.

Knowing his opponent had power in both hands Magno looked for movement rather than opting to trade with the slightly taller man.

Magno found his opponent more evasive in the second session and he was forced to slip and move, using angles to try and stay busy and catch the judge’s eye.

Both lads boxed at a high level, showing terrific fitness and boxing ability throughout.

Magno demonstrated great chin and fitness to absorb shots and continued to press with his own attacks although in the end he lost out only on a points decision.

• Josh Taylor picked up his ninth bout of the year with only a day’s notice.

Against an awkward southpaw, Taylor performed pretty well despite losing on a decision in the 90-second-rounds clash.