Buxton ABC’s quiet man Josh Chapman wins Telford battle

Buxton ABC boxer Josh Chapman
Buxton ABC boxer Josh Chapman

A Buxton ABC prospect picked up his third straight senior victory in a top-of-the-bill battle at Telford.

As with any sport, each squad is built from a mix of abilities and personalities ranging in experience, from the loud and confident to the quite and unassuming, those happy to slip under the radar whilst they go about their work.

Buxtons Josh Chapman fits the latter category and, after working tirelessly in the gym, has started to shine developing his own technique, improving his power and strength and reaping the benefit from his efforts. Physically developing in to his frame Chapman has won his last three senior contests against good boxers, often giving experience and weight.

In his latest outing in Telford, the Buxton boxer was forced to stand his ground and remain calm as his opponent looked to maximise an obvious weight advantage.

Towards the end of the first Chapman had figured out that the best way to handle a talented Telford opponent was with basic long straights and, approaching the second with more confidence, he moved forward with a solid stance and used long jabs to measure his distance for big straight rights.

Chapman continued this strategy into the third and although his opponent never relented in his aim to floor the Buxton lad, Josh demonstrated that he had more tools in his box with some well targeted combinations.

In the final round Chapman’s display of sheer guts and perseverance all the way to the final bell gave him the edge and he lifted the winner’s trophy with a split decision.