Burke wins one-sided contest on 71kg debut

Liam Burke
Liam Burke

BUXTON Amateur Boxing Club’s senior boxer Liam Burke made a successful debut at 71kg during a contest in Staffordshire last Friday.

The Buxton fighter was pitted against a tough opponent in the form of Manchester boxer Richard Helm, from Wolves Den ABC.

Boxing off his back foot in the first round, Helm backed himself onto the ropes, with Burke equally scoring and conceding points during his early attacks.

The Buxton fighter started to look more commanding as the end of the first approached and went into the second session raising his defence and increasing his punch output, finding success with twos and threes, while his opponent was backed against the ropes with no escape option.

The Wolves Den boxer remained strong and dangerous throughout the contest, but it was evident he was tiring towards the end of the second, and during the final interval Burke was urged to increase his pace and pressure to ensure no room for error on the judges’ cards.

The Buxton man capped a fine debut against a tough and capable opponent, demonstrating excellent conditioning to work his opponent until the final bell before being awarded a deserved unanimous points victory.

l Buxton featherweight Jordan Bennett was subject to a second travesty in less than a week as his opponent’s boxing license was lost following weigh-in, preventing him from boxing.