Martial arts go on show

Martial arts enthusiasts have the opportunity to learn about and try out seven traditional Japanese martial arts at a weekend workshop being held at the University of Derby’s Buxton Campus.

The traditional Japanese Budo (Martial Arts) workshop will be held in Buxton’s Dome on September 17 and 18.

Seven separate traditional Budo will be taught; including Aikido, Iaido (sword drawing), Judo, JuJitsudo, Karatedo, Kendo and Kobudo (old martial ways).

The event will be opened by a traditional display of Japanese archery, and a full array of Japanese Samurai armour will be on display.

The event is open to martial arts enthusiasts and traditional Japanese Budo practitioners of all grades and styles over the age of 16.

Anyone wanting to take part is urged to book a place. Contact David Ansell on 07932 528423 or David Passmore on 07714 146889.