Whaley Bridge crowned Premier Division champions

WHALEY Bridge FC have successfully defended their Hope Valley Football League Premier Division title.

A 4-1 win over Dronfield Woodhouse, coupled with Buxton Town’s 2-1 defeat at Furness Vale, gave Whaley their third Premier Division title in five seasons.

The club lifted the title in 2007 and 2010, and were runners-up in 2008 and 2009.

For Hope Valley League reports, see Thursday’s Buxton Advertiser

Saturday April 30 results: Premier Division: Dove Holes 8, Bakewell Town 2; Furness Vale 2, Buxton Town 1; Tintwistle Villa 1, Dronfield Woodhouse 1, Whaley Bridge 4, Dronfield Town A 1. A Division: Blazing Rag 2, Dove Holes Res 2; Dronfield Town B 1, Edale 3; Dronfield Woodhouse Res 1, Hathersage 1; Hunters Bar 5, Buxton Christians 3; Peak Dale Utd 7, Grindleford Res 1; Whaley Bridge Res 0, Holmesfield 3. B Division: Bakewell Town Res 3, Wheatsheaf FC 1; Tideswell Blue Star 2, Red Lion 5; Winster Wasps 0, Buxworth 8; Youlgrave Utd 1, Calver 1.

Upcoming fixtures

Today (Monday May 2):

Dore Shield Quarter Final: Dove Holes v Tintwistle Villa.

Dore Shield Semi-Final: Dronfield Woodhouse v Whaley Bridge (at Bradwell)

Cliff Ellis Trophy Semi-Finals: Bradwell v Dronfield Woodhouse Res (at Hathersage); Buxton Christians v Holmesfield (at Grindleford).

Roden Cup Semi-Finals: FC Utd of Tideswell v Calver (at Grindleford); Youlgrave Utd v Furness Vale Res (at Youlgrave).

Wednesday May 4

Dore Shield Semi-Final: Dove Holes or Tintwistle Villa v Buxton Town (at Tideswell)

A Division: Bradwell v Edale; Whaley Bridge Res v Hunters Bar.

B Division: Bakewell Town Res v Buxworth; Eyam v Stoney Middleton.