MUFC COLUMN: Can anyone remember 3pm Saturday kick-offs?

Keith Udale, of High Peak Reds.
Keith Udale, of High Peak Reds.

In the second installment of a series of columns, MUFC fan and High Peak Reds Supporters’ club secretary Keith Udale questions kick-off times and calls for a return to the United style of play.

It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted anything on Manchester United and since then Cambridge, West Ham, Burnley and Preston are all water under the bridge and United are through to play Arsenal at Old Trafford in the FA Cup sixth round.

Where has the 3pm Saturday kick-offs disappeared to?

It seems to be a taboo certainly in the FA Cup for United nowadays.

Yeovil was 3.30pm on a Sunday, Cambridge 7.45pm on a Friday, Preston 7.45pm on a Monday and now Arsenal the same - all for the TV.

There is no consideration for the travelling supporter.

Albeit Preston is only an hour away, the roads were busy with 4,500 united fans descending on the town in the middle of the rush hour traffic.

What about the Gooners that will be travelling, 8,000 all getting back to London at around 1am on Tuesday morning and then be expected in work?

Over the last four games could you make 90 minutes of entertaining football out of the them?

I would be struggling. We only seemed to wake up at West Ham and Preston once we went a goal down.

Is it because we suddenly find wingers and attack down both flanks like we are used to playing, or that, as some pundits reported, that United wait until the other side is tired to kick on?

What about the strikers we have.

Falcao is not getting the service inside the six-yard box and having to come an look for the ball.

RVP needs to show he wants to be at Old Trafford.

As for Wayne Rooney, how long will he be content playing the organising role in midfield and not getting the return he wants?

James Wilson is a patient young man who needs to be given games, but is warming the bench far too often.

We can all look at the record and with only the odd defeat in 20 games in all competitions, some people would be over the moon with it.

We have so much potential flare and a team of players that graced the fields in Brazil at last summer’s World Cup.

So let’s get the real United back on the pitch.

There are tickets for home games within the branch, and even though we are not playing really attractive football they are flying out of the door for every game.

This is the chance for any members of the High Peak Branch to get tickets for the home cup tie against Arsenal.

There are not a lot of tickets available but whilst there are you should shout up if you are looking to be at the game.

On Thursday February 26 there will be a branch meeting at the Navigation, Stockport Road, Marple commencing at 8pm for all who wish to attend.

For more, visit the website at or go along to a meeting.