Buxton chief admits best players could depart the Silverlands

Manager Martin McIntosh.
Manager Martin McIntosh.

Martin McIntosh fears that some of his best players may be cherry-picked after watching his side’s play-off hopes disappear last weekend.

The Silverlands chief made the admission after the 3-0 defeat to Rushall Olympic - a result which killed off any chance of a top-five finish.

The outcome leaves McIntosh to ponder the options that he will have at his disposal next term.

“I’m not confident in keeping our squad together at all,” said McIntosh.

“We had seven or eight clubs enquire about our players and they have shown incredible loyalty to the club to stay with us this season.

“Liam Hardy is going to difficult to keep hold of, he’s the second top-scorer in the league and he along with our other players will attract attention no doubt because we have a great set of players.

“I’ve already spoken to about a dozen players for next season but I expect to lose some of the squad.

“I’m not sure what I need as of yet. We’ll have to see if we lose players in certain positions.”

McIntosh admits that failure to reach the play-offs is not a disaster for the Bucks, considering the clubs that they were up against.

He added: “It’s a shame we haven’t managed to get to the play-offs but there are some bigger clubs than us in this league and promotion is extremely difficult.

“Look at FC United; it’s taken them several years to finally get promoted out of this league.

“It’s a tough league to get out of and we’ve done well to be where we are.

“If you look at the last five games, then teams have robbed points off us.

“On the whole we’ve had a good season and I believe we did better than last season and that performances have improved.”