Club has both Hope and Faith in kickboxing success for sisters

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Two young girls have won medals at the European Chinese Kickboxing Championships to continue a long line of success for a popular club that trains in Buxton.

Now it is urging more people to take up the sport, which is a martial art association aimed at all ages and abilities.

Hope and Faith Taylor began training at Northwest Chinese Kickboxing (NWCKB) with their parents around six years ago.

All four family members recently achieved their brown belts under the guidance of instructor Rick Allsop, a multi-world champion.

A few years ago Hope, 12, and Faith, 11, decided that they would also like to train in the competitive side of kickboxing.

Weekly sparring classes at Buxton and monthly squad training sessions in Manchester, along with their normal training and extra circuit sessions, have since paved the way for their success at the European Championships in Corby.

Allsop, their instructor and Chris Boughey’s NWCKB association squad coach, travelled to Northamptonshire with more than 20 fighters from the north-west.

Hope and Faith were part of the team, representing Buxton.

Faith fought her way through a category where her opponents had a weight advantage to win bronze and silver medals.

Hope also entered two categories — winning silver in semi-contact and gold in light continuous.

NWCKB Buxton, which was established more than 15 years ago, has produced multiple world champions over the years.

Many started at the club at a young age and developed under the guidance of their instructor.

At this year’s world championships in Ireland, the Buxton club returned from Dublin with no less than an impressive 10 world champions.

A spokesman said: “NWCKB Buxton wants to encourage more people into the sport.

“Rather than dropping your child off at the door, why not train together as a family?

“Northwest Chinese Kickboxing is a martial art association that is aimed at everyone — people of all ages and abilities.

“If you would like to come along for a trial session, we train at St Anne’s Centre, Bath Road, Buxton, on Thursdays, at 7.30pm, and on Sundays, at 2.30pm.”

Rick Allsop can be contacted on 07880 990229.