TUI plans to get rid of all-inclusive buffets and ban football tournaments - here are the other proposed changes

Guests will face limits on their range of entertainment and activities, among other changes (Photo: Shutterstock)
Guests will face limits on their range of entertainment and activities, among other changes (Photo: Shutterstock)

While many people will be itching to jet off abroad as soon as possible, holidays may never quite be the same again once operations resume.

Along with more stringent safety measures in airports and on flights, holidaymakers should expect a number of changes once they reach their destination, too.

TUI has now unveiled plans on how it will run its hotels once travel restrictions are lifted.

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    How will TUI run its hotels after lockdown?

    The package holiday specialist has outlined a 10 point plan detailing how hotels will operate after lockdown is lifted.

    Plans include restrictions on its popular self-service buffets, which are due to be reduced to a minimum. Instead, food and beverages will be served to guests by staff wearing protective masks, where possible.

    The measures will be implemented across all of the company’s own-brand hotels, and will also be made “available” to joint-venture and partner hotels.

    Guests will face limits on their range of entertainment and activities, with football tournaments set to be banned. Only events, sports and entertainment that involve a small number of participants, and without close contact, will be made available.

    Other measures include online check-ins, maintaining social distancing in public areas, such as gyms and corridors, and reduced capacity in restaurants, with longer opening hours to spread guest usage.

    There will also be an increase in disinfectant dispensers throughout TUI’s hotels, and “extensive new cleaning practices” will be implemented for rooms.

    Speaking about the plans, TUI executive board member, Sebastian Ebel, said, “Customer surveys clearly indicate that safety and hygiene will be of paramount importance for holidaymakers after the lockdown.

    “We are laying the foundations for an agile and safe return to business so we can be ready to offer our unique holiday experiences again as soon as possible.”

    Will holiday destinations be safe to visit?

    TUI said that its new 10 point plan is in addition to statutory regulations, which will be put in place at all of the holiday destinations where it operates.

    The safety measures it has set out for after lockdown form part of a wider package that includes plans in its retail outlets, as well as on flights, transfers to hotels, local excursions, and cruises.

    The travel firm said all of its employees across its hotels will begin training this week, while a training and inspection programme, using the hygiene and safety consultancy Cristal International Standards, will be run at partner hotels not operated by TUI.

    Ebel added, “With this set of measures we are creating a framework required to ensure we can offer our guests enjoyable and safe holiday experiences as soon as travel restrictions are lifted.”