A sausage dog disco is coming to the UK - here's how to get tickets

In what might be the cutest-sounding day out ever, sausage dogs and their owners are being invited to bust some moves together at a sausage dog disco.

The Allegory, a cafe bar in the Shoreditch area of London, will be opening its doors on 8 March 2020 for a 'love-themed' doggy disco - with a promise of further Newcastle, Manchester and Southampton dates in the coming weeks.

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What happens at a doggy disco?

At the event, dachshunds and their owners will be invited to hit the dancefloor and socialise with other adorable attendees, with motown and disco tunes keeping everyone's feet (and paws) moving.

There'll be plenty of doggy treats on offer, including love heart biscuits, dog-friendly 'pupcakes', and a 'doggy doughnut wall'. To wash it all down, you'll find 'pawsecco' and 'champaws' on tap.

Even if you don't own a sausage dog, you can attend the event to meet some (Photo: Shutterstock)

Owners can treat themselves to lunch and brunch options alongside cocktails and spritzes.

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You'll also be able to maximise on Instagram potential with love-themed props on hand for photo opportunities with your pup.

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Do I need to own a sausage dog to attend?

Owners are advised to make sure their dachshund is looking their best and "ready to give and receive lots of doggy kisses as there’ll be a special Love Bench, Doggy Dancefloor, Kissing Frame & more."

If you're a sausage dog lover without a sausage dog to call your own, no need to worry - anyone is welcome at the doggy disco to fawn over the adorable guests.

How can I get a ticket?

You'll have to book in advance to attend the event. A ticket for a dog owner is £10, while so-called "dog lover" tickets (for those attending without a furry friend) cost £14. Children with dogs can get in for £5, and children without for £7.

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For dog owners, the entry also includes a dog-friendly "pupuccino", while "dog lover" tickets come with a bag of treats for making new furry friends.

Professional photos taken at the event will be available online after the event, free of charge.

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To book your tickets, you'll have to send your full name, your dog's names and photo(s), (put "n/a" if you're a dog lover) total humans attending and your preferred time slot to: [email protected].

To see the full event description and details, you can visit the event page.