Your vote can shape policing

VOTERS are being encouraged to turn out in force to elect the first Police and Crime Commissioner for Derbyshire.

Derbyshire is one of 41 police authority areas in which elections will be held on Thursday, November 15.

High Peak Mayor Pat Jenner said: “These historic elections will play a crucial role in shaping the future of policing in Derbyshire.

“I would urge voters to turn out in force so that the winner has a clear community mandate to make important decisions on issues ranging from CCTV and street lighting to drug dealing and gang violence.”

Already two prominent members of Derbyshire County Council are in the running for the £75,000 a year post.

Cllr Simon Spencer, the Deputy Leader of DCC, has been chosen as the Conservative candidate and Cllr Alan Charles, Vice Chairman of the Derbyshire Police Authority, has been chosen as the Labour candidate.

If there are more than two candidates – as seems likely – a single transferable voting system will invite voters to express a first and second preference which will be used to determine the winner. If there are only two candidates, the old-style first-past-the-post system will apply.

Polling cards will be sent out to voters in the High Peak in a few weeks time.

lFor more information on the elections, visit

Formal nomination of candidates will open on October 8 and close on Friday, October 19.