Soft justice is to blame

REGARDING Nicola Megson’s article in Times Notebook (‘How did it come to this?’, August 26), being born in Derbyshire I was lucky to have loving parents who guided not just me but their other seven offsprings as well.

I remember once playing truant from school and I was walking the fields when some fools set fire to a haystack. Being near the scene, I was only five or six at the time and I was caught by the farmer.

The next day my mother kicked me down every step in Brushes primary scool with a warning ‘thee bring me any trouble to ma house and I’l gi thee trouble like thas never seen.’

The trouble today is how the guilty are excused of their crimes. The judges who soft peddle the offender to a point where there is no punishment and daily I read sentences have been cut on appeal this being the case why give them a sentance then let them appeal it. Crazy! What ever happened to the Borstal school many young were terrified of?

Frank Hardy

By email