Pouring scorn on politics

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Goodness me - what an epic piece! (Advertiser, Politics, June 21).

With his often-used scatter-gun approach, Mr Cutts has taken aim at numerous elements within his area of concern and pulled the trigger. To respond to each of those individual elements would be tedious for your readers and have little effect on Mr Cutts’ views.

He claims that his previously printed words were “Merely gentle comments” aimed, presumably, at raising a particular point so as to initiate a balanced discussion.

Perhaps I could point out that his various choices of phrase and general approach do not support this position. It is clear that he feels very strongly both about his opinions and his need to express them. ‘Gentle’ is not a feeling that comes across. He is, of course, entitled to hold and to voice his opinions. But if he steps into the political arena he must expect his robust statements to be met by equally robust rebuttals and counter arguments (heat and kitchen?) He still claims to be a floating voter. Presumably this means the cross on his ballot paper can move to both the left and the right of the political divide. In the time that I have encountered Mr Cutts in this arena he has always poured scorn on the left and praised the actions of the right. His dislike of our local Labour MP, Ruth George, is made very clear. Yet she has already shown herself to be the most high-profile, hardworking and dedicated MP that High Peak has had in donkey’s years! Her work within the constituency is not chosen after ensuring that the beneficiaries are Labour supporters, merely that they are local people who require the assistance of their MP who, by virtue of her position, has the influence to change and improve their situation. As a Labour MP she will always support the aims, objectives and principles of that party. That’s why she won a majority in June 2017.

I have no doubt that this backwards and forwards argument will continue - that’s how debate in a free democracy works. And long may it remain so.

Dave Johnson, Hayfield

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