National Debt - We’ve moved to bottom of growth table

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How we readers look forward almost every week to the collection of highly selective facts from your correspondent Martin Cutts.

How we chuckle when he describes himself as a floating voter, as we imagine him searching desperately on the ballot paper for a candidate to the right of the now defunct UKIP.

He tells us all about the government’s astounding success, after eight years of trying, in managing to reduce but not eliminate the budget deficit. However, he is completely silent about the doubling of the National Debt that has taken place in the same period. Perhaps, like David Cameron, he was keen for the public to be unaware of the distinction. Strangely there is no mention of how the UK moved from top to bottom of the EU economic growth table since the EU referendum result. We eagerly await his next contribution where he is sure to mention that the last time the budget deficit was eliminated, and hence the National Debt began to fall, was under the last Labour Government.

He is right to claim that the EU referendum was not advisory since, although legally it clearly was, the statement which he quotes made by our previous prime minister David Cameron, should be respected. Similarly, its result though narrow, clearly showed a significant level of dissatisfaction with our membership.

May I now remind him of what has happened since then? Our Prime Minister resigned. A man who was sacked from two previous jobs for lying, is now our Foreign Secretary. Our new Prime Minister asked, through a general election, for a mandate for her course of action and singularly failed to get one. We are being led by a minority government propped up and being levered by a tiny party from Northern Ireland whose policy on EU membership is totally the opposite of the country they purport to represent. Our one-time ally the USA is now led by an impetuous, child-like, liar who is starting a trade war with the rest of the world. All our major financial institutions have quietly set up offices in the remaining EU countries, so they can move their future business there. Our motor and aircraft industry have made it quite clear that the extra costs, once we leave the customs union, will most likely cause them to move their production out of the UK. And yet, like a first world war general, our Prime Minister and her band of opportunists continue to carry on with a campaign that she knows will damage the country.

Every week she announces a new way to kick the can further down the road in an increasingly desperate attempt to avoid the inevitable split in her party.

Andrew Parker

Dovedale Crescent, Buxton

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