LETTER: Young Voters need to register and have a voice

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I’m writing to urge young people to register to vote at www.gov.uk/register-to-vote before May 23.

So much of your future is at stake this time round, so be sure to have a voice.

You may feel worried about funding cuts to your old school, university tuition fees, the closure of local fire stations and ambulance bases.

There may be attacks that the Government are making on the disabled and long-term sick, on those suffering benefit sanctions or reliant on food banks.

The dismantling of the NHS is likely to affect you and your loved ones sooner or later too. Or it might be that you’d quite liked the idea of a bar job in Barcelona over one here. “They’re all the same” and “what difference is my vote going to make?” is exactly how they want you to feel, so grab this chance with both hands.

Jim Medway

Furness Vale