LETTER: Wise head on young shoulders

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How heart-warming it was to see the letter from 15-year-old L.H. I applaud their commitment to their beliefs and their interest in politics. 
It is good to see that they also read their local newspaper. 
As they continue to learn about the UK democratic system they will realise that a cornerstone of our politics is the right to oppose and to peacefully protest. 
That is one of the things that makes us a democracy and not a totalitarian state. 
Dictators shut down arguments they don’t like, democrats keep arguing. After all those who did not like the result of the 1975 referendum carried on arguing, for 41 years, until they achieved their goal. 
Now it’s the turn of those of us who wish to remain in the EU to have our say. 
That is what British democracy is all about.

Dr Pennie Roberts

Church Street,