LETTER: We have to decide what is best for us and our country

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Having received a leaflet giving a taste of the voting record of Andrew Bingham, I thought I would share it for the benefit of those of us who haven’t had one.
Mr Bingham voted for: 
Cuts to disability benefits.
Increasing tuition fees.
Reducing corporation tax.
Repealing the Human Rights Act.
He voted against:
Measures to prevent climate change.
Raising benefits in line with prices.
Investigating the Iraq war.
Same sex marriage.
Increasing tax for incomes over £150,000.
Presumably Mr Bingham will let us know if these details are incorrect.
Tory policies are resulting in cuts to school budgets, fewer police on the streets and an NHS funding gap of £355million in Derbyshire by 2021.
The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) criticises the Tories for proposing five more years of austerity. 
What will this mean for more of our public services?
As for reducing immigrants this will apparently cost millions for the treasury and I wonder who will be working in our hospitals, care homes and hotels . 
Who will be picking our vegetables and dealing with our recycling? More information from our politicians and fewer horror stories from various media sources would be helpful. On June 8, we have to decide who will work for all of us and not just the super rich and privileged. Let us all vote for a decent future for all even if it means paying more in taxes.

E. Blood