LETTER: We don’t want a white elephant in our town

Chesterfield Royal Hospital
Chesterfield Royal Hospital

If the powers-that-be have £50 million in the kitty, it would make far more sense to convert the Crescent into a 79-bed hospital rather than a hotel.
We already have four large hotels in Buxton, plus all the guest houses.

What has Buxton got to attract more tourists? Nothing. Spring Gardens, the main street has charity shops, grossly expensive coffee shops, building societies and banks. This is disgraceful. 
The reason we cannot get any decent stores here is because of the sky-high business rates.

A new hospital would have saved all the locals going to Stepping Hill or Macclesfield, which are inaccessible during the winter snow.

I have been in Buxton since 1949 and I am now 67-years-old.

I know what I am talking about, and plenty of people agree that it should be a hospital instead of a hotel.

We do not want another expensive white elephant. So, come on Buxtonians, do you agree with me?

Mick Bonsall

Sherwood Road, Buxton