LETTER: Warning about Brexit came too late

Sheffield town hall flag at full mast. 6/6/14 D Day
Sheffield town hall flag at full mast. 6/6/14 D Day

How frightening was it to read Alan Craw’s vision of this country’s future in a post-Brexit world? (Advertiser, December 22).

The logic of how such a scenario could come to pass was well-developed and absolutely sound.

With the rise and the dominance of right-wing politicians, the future for the majority of the UK’s citizens will be bleak.

Perhaps some (but not all) of the grim spectres he describes are a little extreme, but they do serve to illustrate the type of dangers we are now facing as we leave Europe and hand over our nation’s leadership to right wing xenophobes and “Little Englanders”, whose primary concern is their own small world of fear, personal ego and personal gain.

Thank you Mr Craw for warning us, but too late was the cry! We’re committed to leaving Europe and, as our ex-partners would say, each in their own language: Que sera sera - what will be will be.

I have already apologised to my young grandchildren for the legacy my generation has left them with.

May I join in with Mr Craw’s final plea: don’t blame me, I voted Remain as well.

Dave Johnson