LETTER: Vote has been emotional

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As I write this, it is now ten days since the Brexit vote and, I suspect like many others who voted “remain”, I still feel a sense of disbelief.

I have gone through various stages of annoyance - disappointment, dismay, and now anger.

Anger at how the “leave” politicians who duped so many of my age into believing that Brexit would mean all sorts of advantages for the UK, but principally fewer immigrants and more money for the NHS.

Almost as soon as the result was announced, we had Messrs Duncan Smith, Johnson and Gove admitting they could not deliver on these promises.

Anger at Mr Cameron for making such a disastrous miscalculation in believing he could bring his recalcitrant anti-EU backbenchers into line with a referendum we didn’t need and which has now landed us all in this mess. Anger at tax exile newspaper proprietors, principally a certain peer of the realm whose tabloid regularly spews out a diatribe of right wing, anti- EU half truths and downright lies.

Anger at those millions of my age group (the over sixties) who eagerly swallowed this claptrap and voted to leave. Anger at the 70 per cent of the 18-24 age group who didn’t bother to vote at all.

Anger at Mr Corbyn whose enthusiasm for remaining in the EU was so lukewarm it reminded me of a classical music loving parent being dragged along to Glastonbury and being forced to stand in the rain having his ear drums assaulted by a heavy metal band. Anger at barmy Boris, who drummed up enthusiasm for Brexit by telling his audience a succession of distortions and half-truths and then disappeared into the wilderness when he realised he couldn’t cope with power because of his intellectual shortcomings.

But most of all my anger is directed at Nigel Farage. For 17 years he has been trying to disrupt EU business by his obstructiveness and rudeness while still collecting his hefty salary from EU taxpayers for doing so - as have his fellow UKIP MEPs.

His smirking face is the face of intolerance - the face of one who is sanguine about the imminent break-up of the UK and the 300 per cent rise in racial hate crimes since the Brexit result was announced.

There is so much more I want to say but I am conscious that you need to squeeze in other letters so I’ll stop there!

Nicholas Bostin