LETTER: Victorian values - We must work together

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In response to Alan Warner’s alarming Victorian values printed in last week’s Advertiser I would like to offer a more community spirited- 21st century- hopeful tone. 
Working together to support less advantaged members of our community is in my view the only way a civilised society can behave, it is short sighted to assume that drug and alcohol dependency is borne out of a lack of decency as suggested by your reader.

Often alcohol and drug misuse is a way out of difficult and unbearable circumstances that many of us can not imagine. Family breakdown, bereavement, trauma and loss all play into a decline into substance misuse. 
I am heartened however to know that our police and crime commissioner is continuing to seek innovative and creative ideas to tackle some of the issues affecting the most vulnerable and needy members of our community. A society that demonstrates humility and kindness is one that I want to live in, we never know when we might need it ourselves.

Claire Parker