LETTER: Unlikely I will visit town again

Parking ticket
Parking ticket

As a first-time visitor to Buxton on Saturday (September 26), I was not particularly impressed to get ripped off by one of the parking ticket machines. My partner and I were visiting as part of a long weekend to celebrate our anniversary with a trip to the Pavilion Gardens pavilion and the antiques fair. 
I paid my £3 for four hours parking, in the machine closest to the pavilion gates - the first £1 coin was rejected, but it then accepted on the second attempt, followed by two more £1 coins. 
Returning to the car later, with what we thought was at least 20 minutes in hand, we were not amused to find a parking ticket stuck to the windscreen. 
It would appear that although £3 was paid, one of the pound coins was only recorded as 10p - and as we discovered upon returning to our accommodation, this isn’t the first time. 
Both the landlord and landlady at the pub we were staying in had been caught out, as had several of their friends - all by the same machine. 
Indeed, the landlord said that if he had known we were intending to visit Buxton, he would have advised us not to use that particular machine and, as he said, everybody has complained but no-one has had the fine overturned - Park Smarter deny that the machine is faulty. 
I have, reluctantly, paid the fine and also fired off a letter of complaint to Park Smarter, High Peak Borough Council and the local tourist office. 
I may even consider contacting the more mainstream media. 
This is not something that reflects well on Buxton, £28 for three and a half hours of parking is a bit much, but it has achieved one thing for 
certain - it is highly unlikely that I will return to visit again.

Andrew Savage

By email