LETTER: The public deserves better than what Chinley station offers

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Through your Letters page, Carol Evans has drawn attention to the very poor accessibility of Chinley station and Phil Raw has described serious injuries sustained on the very inadequate footbridge.
Lamentable provision for rail travellers at Chinley is further exacerbated by the totally inadequate number of parking spaces in the station car park, and the difficulties of parking in Station Road.

It seems strange therefore that Network Rail, which is responsible for station infrastructure at Chinley, enjoys a spacious suburban location for its depot in Cracken Close, in an enclosure which would be ideal for commuter parking.

Surely the place for a Network Rail maintenance base is an industrial or brown field site - such as Britannia Trading Estate in Buxworth - well away from suburban housing.
The state of Chinley Station is a scandalous mess. The travelling public need to be provided with step-free access, adequate parking, and much better platform facilities.

Paul Tattam