LETTER: Tax increase hits workers

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It seems it’s the time of the year for a number of my insurances to be renewed: house, car, nominated special items, etc.

I have been forced to accept an increase in their costs due to a major change in the insurance premium tax which, from November 1, has risen from six per cent to nine and a half per cent. In simple terms, that’s an increase of 58 per cent.

Whether you take that figure or the actual three and a half per cent rise, I bet it’s more than the average family will receive in their income this year.

Is this yet another lie embedded in the Conservative Government’s claim to be the party that supports hard working families?

Perhaps our local Tory MP would like to use his column to provide us with a list of similar misrepresentations that are integrated into their policies and which we will be learning about to our cost in the coming months and years.

Dave Johnson