LETTER: Target date for end of petrol cars

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Princess Diana: the People’s Princess, and the most photographed woman in the world; a smile like no other; on a planet like no other.

And, from Aids to land mines, she’s saved millions of lives.

She’s also a road crash victim, and since her death, more than 25 million men, women, and children have been killed in road crashes. Not to mention deaths from exhaust fumes.

Given man’s ingenuity, the US has approved a treatment which re-designs a patient’s immune system to attack cancer. Also, in the new Forth road bridge, the UK has “the best bridge in the world.”

Furthermore, a hand-held device has been designed to detect concussion from saliva. It can be used in boxing, rugby, in the playground, on the battlefield, and indeed in the ‘war on our roads’.

If it makes sense to use hand-held devices to detect concussion in children and cyclists who’ve been hit by motor vehicles, it would be nothing short of insane not to use speed limiters to stop drivers breaking speed limits – prevention is better than cure.

With speed limiters, we’d still have Diana, and William and Harry would still have a mother.

If we can have a target date to end the production of petrol fuelled cars, (to save the planet), given that it’s over 100 years since the death of pedestrian Bridget Driscoll in 1896 – the UK’s first road crash victim – why haven’t we got a target date for ending road death? Not to, is surely speeding to Carmaggedon.

Allan Ramsay

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