LETTER: Students pay level is totally unacceptable

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Many successful A-level students from local schools will soon be leaving to take up well deserved university places.

Ahead will lie the challenges of course fees, student loans and the eventual debts occurred.

Within this financial context, it is worth noting the development of what I believe is a rip-off culture among various university vice-chancellors - university executive heads - who receive salaries at an astonishing level, with additional packages worth thousands.

A quick look via the web will show who these vice-chancellors are. They include Cambridge, Bath, the London School of Economics, Birmingham and the University of West England, and sundry others.

Very naturally, some other members of university staff are angered by these facts and especially so in that their renumerations are restricted to annual increases of around one per cent.

I do hope that the new undergraduate cohort of autumn 2017 will lobby their student unions and make clear that what I see as vice-chancellor greed is completely unacceptable.

Colin Hulley


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