LETTER: Sort us out before sending tax payers’ money overseas

It could be me?
It could be me?

So the government has given the green light to local authorities to put rates to pay for social care, i.e. disabled and people who are in care homes.

I am all for looking after these people, but I thought that was the government’s job, not the rate payers .

I am fed up being told that there is no money available. Why then are we giving billions of pounds to other countries.

Until we get this country back on to a sound footing all overseas aid should be stopped. 
They are already getting millions in public donations.

The British public will only take so much, don’t forget about the Poll Tax Margaret Thatcher brought in.

We are already paying more for less.

It is time the government put the British people first.

The old saying a fool and his money are soon parted might apply to the government, but most certainly not to the British public.

So take heed, don’t bite the hand feeds you. 

A Warner

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