LETTER: So proud that we stood our ground

Sheffield town hall flag at full mast. 6/6/14 D Day
Sheffield town hall flag at full mast. 6/6/14 D Day

The referendum result has made me proud to be British.

The true function of such things as mass immigration and the big-business-championing EU is to turn almost the whole of mankind into a swamp of cringing serfs on pittance incomes.

This advantages enormously the globalising plutocrats and commercial giants, because it gives them cheap deferential labour with ever fewer workers’ rights; and the political class, now a separate interest-group like bankers or used car salesmen, gets to rule over countries which become patchwork-quilt communities lacking a shared culture – therefore never making common cause against the central tyranny.

Stalin used to shuffle populations across the Soviet Union with exactly that goal in view.

All the vested interests and fashionable doyens of what Mark Steyn rightly terms ‘the lunatic mainstream’ threw everything at the ‘leave’ campaign, including the kitchen sink where we were told we would be left with few potatoes to peel.

No threat, blackmail, cajolement, warning or plea was left unshouted at us all: by the CBI, the TUC, nearly every trade association or lobby-group that is Brussels-funded (with our own taxpayers’ money); Goldman Sachs, J. .P Morgan, Morgan Stanley and the other megabanks and multi-nationals; foreign leaders, celebrities; in short, the entire citadel of well-to-do privileged protected insiders who leech their fortunes out of the public - the unprivileged unprotected outsiders. And a majority of Britons still neither lost their nerve nor disregarded the evidence of their senses: thank Goodness.

As entities, the Conservative, Labour, LibDem, Green and Nationalist parties all urged ‘remain’; and there is the rub. Unless the electorate sack, out of the 650 House of Commons total, the 500 MPs who either denounced Brexit or were rather quiet at this crucial time, we shall in the months to come still be stuck with the same aforesaid agenda which those 500 will constantly serve. Time for a giant purge of the Augean parliamentary stables. We need new individuals as our representatives, whatever their party, who are very different in character.

Peter Scott

Devonshire Road, Buxton