LETTER: Shopping trolley situation needs addressing

The Mansfield Woodhouse Food Bank
The Mansfield Woodhouse Food Bank

Has anyone else used a large trolley in Marks & Spencer?

They can, with some difficulty, be found inside the shop.

All you need is a pound coin or token to release it from the line inside the door on the left or on the right if you are already inside.

Having released it from its companions, pull it backwards, avoiding a hanging display of drinking straws and make a seven-point turn, unless you wish to continue walking backwards as you make your way through the queue at the nearby checkout.

Selecting your purchases is then relatively easy, but in order to retrieve your pound coin you will have to repeat the earlier manoeuvres in reverse, possibly hindered by your sodden clothing because it is raining outside and you have had to push your trolley to the car and then back to the store because there is no means of getting your money back otherwise.

I have complained about this more than once in the shop. This week it was explained to me that in order to remedy the situation it would be necessary to replace all their trolleys with new ones which did not require a coin.

When I suggested that all it needed was to replace the existing damaged base trolley in the trolley park I was not understood.

Is there anyone out there who might be able to explain the matter more clearly?

It may not be easy.

Bryan Fell

Errwood Avenue, Buxton