LETTER: Root out Syrian sympathisers

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Further to Alan Thomsons’ letter re: Syria Bombing.
I too contacted Andrew Bingham MP on this same topic, questioning the military effectiveness of air strikes against Daesh in Syria and attendant ‘collateral damage’ ie the slaughter of innocent civilians. His reply was balanced and cogent. 
Surely a more effective reaction to terrorist activity is to root out known ‘home grown’ sympathisers and activists; often those who have received succour and benefit in this land. 
How many more times will we hear that perpetrators of atrocities were ‘known to the authorities’. Ref: the terrible events in Paris etc.
In times of war, those who give succour to the enemy are traitors and if they are ‘known to authorities’ they should be deprived of their liberty before they have chance to permanently deprive others of their lives. 
We in Britain are over tolerant of those inimical to our society.
There will be the usual clamour of the liberal ‘Twitterati’ about the ‘human rights’ and ‘civil liberties’ of known activists, but to most British citizens, our human rights to walk the streets of Britain without fear of terrorist attack is a more pressing priority.

Richard Wallace

Broadwalk, Buxton