LETTER: ‘Remain’ for the sake of our young

Voting form 2015
Voting form 2015

I voted to join the EEC in 1975 when I was 37 for the sake of my children, then aged ten and eight.

On June 23, when I will be 78, I will be voting to remain for the sake of my granddaughter now 22 and her various cousins, my grand-nephews and nieces aged between 30 and 18 and for all the other young people in the UK who have their future before them. I would like to think, that after I have gone, they, and their children not yet born, will love their native country as fervently as I do and will also feel themselves part of a greater world and be able to take part in its life.

Of course there are many other reasons why it would be a terrible mistake for us to leave the EU but it’s the future of the coming generations which is paramount for me.

John Newton

Queens Road,