LETTER: Racetrack open for new season

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May I draw your readers’ attention to the fact that the local racetrack, better known as the A515, has reopened for the season.
Ideal vantage points to watch the action are free anywhere between Buxton and Ashbourne.
To see frequent thrills and spills, Brierlow Bar, where there are no halt signs from the side roads, Sterndale Moor village, Pomeroy Hamlet, where several incidents occur during the season, and Parsley Hay are particularly exciting.
Over recent years, vast improvements have been made, no expense spared, such as speed limits, indicators every few meters, clear white lines indicating best routes and several automated warning signs (although some of these have not worked for sometime now).
The latest high tech drainage system has recently been introduced. Attention is drawn to this by the lovely mounds of debris that is left for your benefit. Such silly things as a check point, for instance, at Sterndale Moor have been abandoned since this was thought to slow down the users of this track.
A final warning and request to drivers who dawdle along at 50 or 60 miles an hour, could you please find an alternative route, this would make the track much safer for all concerned.

J. Gould

By email