LETTER: Questions need to be answered over new housing

STOCK: Sheffield housing.
STOCK: Sheffield housing.

Regarding the consultation to build 120 new homes off the Leak Road, this has been in the pipe line for years and now feels inevitable.

If this build is to go ahead, I feel there needs to be more specific details ie: regarding the statement ‘existing trees and dry stone wall boundaries will be retained where possible’.

Which trees and walls will be saved? ‘Where possible’ implies there is no guarantee of this and can be largely or even totally waived. This needs to be detailed before planning goes ahead.

What are the precise dimensions of the play area (s)? We need more exacting measurements on this, for instance grass verges which in the past have been regarded as green areas are unusable by residents.

The new road needs to have an inclination which isn’t too much so that in winter weather the residents can get out so not end up parking out on the main road.

It is disappointing that only 36/120 homes are affordable housing. It is a shame some affordable housing was not considered on the current building on Carr Road.

This is a key route and major corridor into town and the area they want to build on is highly visible.

It is so important, building right to the edge of the national park, they get it right. We need reassurance on actual specifics on the designs, as Persimmon’s record appears far less than exemplary.

Lynn Kent Bennett

By email