LETTER: public meeting proves there was no plan for hospital

stock hospital A+E, main corridor
stock hospital A+E, main corridor

Why does Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group chairman, Ben Milton get front page coverage when all he is doing is repeating the PR rhetoric offered at the public meeting?

Dr Milton says “......but we are working with the voluntary sector to make a plan.” “...... there was no provision for respite beds at the Spencer Ward”, however Dr Milton stressed this was being looked at and the consultation was a ‘work in progress.’

“......The community beds on the Fenton Ward would be replaced with beds around the county in nursing homes or hospitals.”

Dr Milton said the exact location of these 44 beds was not yet known.

What Dr Milton is doing here is confirming what we all know from that meeting - they ain’t got a plan.

So I hope from the front page exposure more people will realise this, as I hope your paper does.

As a postscript I should also be concerned about the rest of the hospital based services in Buxton and the High Peak. This is only the start.

The only thing keeping Buxton Cottage Hospital open is the x-ray machine and minor injuries has yet to be addressed in the “Joined Up Care” program.

Given that the High Peak is a centre for “outdoor activity holidays” you can imagine the scenario “Come to the High Peak but don’t get injured because we ain’t got no hospitals.”

Brendan McGrath

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