LETTER: Politics - Shambles of Government

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Unlike Martin Cutts I find Ruth George, our Labour MP, refreshingly honest, capable, compassionate and inclusive in her weekly Westminster Life column.

Back in June she was absolutely correct to write of the appalling disaster at Grenfell Towers and her actual comments were to complain about “the lack of action on concerns about fire safety which were raised by residents and the Conservative government’s refusal to act on the coroner’s recommendations following a previous fatal tower block fire in 2009” which surely we can all agree with.

Her column of November 2, was clearly about the current scandals and abuse of power and inequalities present today in our society and even our parliament. She may have used the word ‘coloured’ rather than ‘black’ when praising the wonderful performance of Hairspray at Buxton Opera House. This was a musical set in America in the early 1960s when the word was applied and in constant use and again we all know no offence was intended. It is a show which advocates racial integration and that we must look passed the colour of one’s skin and fight for every human being’s rights which Ruth has always done and will continue to do so.

Martin obviously wants to continue peddling his attacks on Labour and seeks to put fear in people’s minds about a future Labour government but you know Martin the public are realising the shambles of the current government and will vote for change when they get the chance.

If Martin is so concerned with the use of words perhaps his criticism should have been focused and directed to the thoughtless words of our incompetent foreign secretary Boris Johnson. They may well double the prison sentence in Iran of an innocent British woman and give added stress and worry to her already distraught family.

Kath Holtom


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