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Does High Peak’s conformist Labour MP, Ruth George, have a previously well-hidden rebellious streak?

I ask because her Westminster Life column (Nov 2) refers to non-white people in the musical Hairspray as the heroine’s ‘coloured friends’.

This use of ‘coloured’ is widely regarded as an offensive racial slur. I’m surprised she hasn’t been carted off for re-education by Comrade Corbyn’s Red Guards. Speaking of which, High Peak electors deserve to know whether Mrs George supports the increasingly hard-Left Labour leadership. Corbyn has surrounded himself with neo-communist Momentum-supporting advisers and his shadow chancellor is the self-declared ‘last communist in Parliament’, John McDonnell. Does she back this clique?

It looks a bit like it, judging by her ill-considered remarks in Westminster Life (June 22) in which she appeared to echo McDonnell’s view that the Grenfell Tower victims had been murdered by Tory ministers. Now that numerous Labour councils (like Salford and Camden) have been found to have used similar cladding techniques to those in Tory-run Kensington & Chelsea, Mrs George should have the decency to withdraw her comments and wait for the Grenfell inquiry to reach its findings.

Momentum, which has taken over so many Labour constituency parties, recently held an event in Carlisle to celebrate the 1917 Russian revolution, whose architects created the horror of the gulags and caused the deaths of tens of millions through starvation and forced labour.

Karl Marx and the monsters Stalin and Lenin continue to be worshipped by people on the far Left in this country. Last year, the Advertiser even carried a photo of local college students posing proudly for photos in front of Lenin’s statue in Moscow – no doubt their leftie lecturers thought it would look great in Derbyshire family albums.

So, does Mrs George support Momentum?

The current government may be feeble, but does she really think a neo-communist government dressed up in Labour clothing would do a better job for this country? The same question is worth asking of every Labour voter, including those who regularly champion the party in letters to Postbag. Do they really support the extreme Left’s takeover of their party? It matters, because we could easily have such a government in the very near future.

Martin Cutts

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