LETTER: Patients need to have their say


The phrase ‘patient-centred care’ is frequently said but how often do we, as patients, feel that we have a voice and can influence the quality of care that we and our loved ones receive?

Nine out of 10 patients who go to hospital will see a radiographer, either a diagnostic radiographer who produces images such as x-rays, CT or ultrasound scans, or a therapeutic radiographer who uses radiation to treat cancer.

The Society and College of Radiographers wants more people to join its Public and Patient Liaison Group, which is made up of patients and carers.

Members of the group can influence the radiography profession about the issues that are important to them.

If readers go to the ‘About radiography’ section of the Society’s website at www.sor.org, they can read more about the group and its work.

Alternatively, they can email Liz Robinson at lizr@sor.org and she will provide more information and answer questions.

It is important that patients use this opportunity to share in decision making about the care and treatment that they receive.

Richard Evans

Chief Executive Officer,

The Society and College of Radiographers