LETTER: Passengers seem to come last

Readers letter Web Only - Whaley Bridge Station
Readers letter Web Only - Whaley Bridge Station

Mr Brian Allerton - letters, Oct 22, perhaps misunderstands my point about the cost of improvements to Whaley Bridge station in my piece about Network Rail.
The Friends of Whaley Bridge Station have done a wonderful job there and deserve our support.
My criticism is that despite spending £1.1 million – a colossal sum – on rebuilding the shelters, painting the bridge, and so on, Network Rail could only manage to raise one platform, so that people with pushchairs or heavy bags or just not great on their pins (like me) still have a struggle to board the train when heading towards Stockport and Manchester. The black plastic on that platform is unsightly, spoiling the effect of the restoration, and reaches only half of one carriage, not the whole train. Passengers’ needs seem to have come last on their list of priorities.
Mr Allerton writes that “It is not the amount of money spent that is the issue here.” Really? For that, with firm financial management, Network Rail could have done the whole job. With some left over.

Edwina Currie Jones

Former Parliamentary candidate