LETTER: Nine-year-old wants to discuss grammar schools

Primary Schools league table picture.
Primary Schools league table picture.

I have heard that Parliament thought they want to have grammar schools that only the cleverest children can go to.

I think that this idea is completely terrible because I would like to move to my next school with all of my classmates.

Also it would make the tests at the end of year six a lot more stressful if our results made the difference between which school we would go to next.

Furthermore, it would be scary in the way that it affects your life and it is hard to concentrate when you are scared.

Plus, SATS tests are probably stressful enough so why make it worse?

Please could you ask our MP to meet me and some of my class to discuss grammar schools to hear how it would affect children, before he chooses how to vote?

Yours sincerely

Matty George (aged nine-and-three-quarters)

Whaley Bridge