LETTER: MP Ruth is ‘caring and committed’

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It was unnerving to read the character assassination of Ruth George MP in last week’s Advertiser (Nov. 9, Politics). The list of her alleged short-comings appears to have come from the “Reds under the bed” era when we were urged to believe that subversive revolutionaries were waiting to cut our throats, even as we slept.

Clearly, the writer does not know the real character of the individual we elected as our MP. It’s true that there’s a groundswell of opinion in the nation that is seeking a more caring and inclusive form of politics, which will work towards providing benefits for everybody and not just for the rich and powerful. But that does not make Ruth George an acolyte of communist extremists. If Mr Cutts would care to look at her work and her activities here in High Peak since her election, he’d see how ill-conceived and ill-judged his comments were. When we went to the polls in June, this constituency demanded a better, more supportive, caring and committed MP - and we got her. Be thankful.

Dave Johnson


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