LETTER: Longer trains, less congestion

stock inter city train. train passing through a  small station
stock inter city train. train passing through a small station

I read with interest the article regarding the extension to the existing freight siding in Buxton.

I wish to make the following comments/observations.

The area in question previously contained a significantly greater amount of railway infrastructure including sidings, locomotive shed and coaling plant.

I believe that a scheme to facilitate the operation of longer trains should be welcomed as this effectively reduces the need for heavy lorries to and from the quarries.

I note the opposition from a resident of Brown Edge Road, an area not known to be plagued by heavy through traffic.

I would like to hear the opinions of residents of London Road or Dale Road and their views on a reduction in HGV traffic.

As for the comment regarding the site being visible to traffic approaching our town, I question whether this refers to the road or rail approach.

If we consider the rail approach I suggest it is better to see investment works other than the derelict land to both right and left of the final approach to Buxton station.

If it is in fact the road approach I would suggest that the would-be tourist may be more concerned by the condition and appearance of the houses and flats on Fairfield Road, rather than some construction work in the middle distance as you cross The Common.

David Butler

Overdale Avenue, Buxton