LETTER: Living costs - No change? No chance

The Mansfield Woodhouse Food Bank
The Mansfield Woodhouse Food Bank

Well, according to Government records in 2014, the average person spent £2,822 on food in a year. The statistics were released by the Office of National Statistics.

I believe it’s rather interesting to see how the Stay in EU campaign has not broadcast the fact that, by staying in the EU, the British family will be paying more for their food and their clothing.

Well, reducing that by 13 per cent would save £367 per person per year by scrapping import taxes on food from outside the EU. I can’t afford to continue paying 30 per cent extra for food year in year out.

I wouldn’t think you can as well.

I will be voting to leave the EU on June 23. No Change, No chance.

Oliver Healey

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