LETTER: It’s time to think again about recycling

It is with great sadness that I hear that the council is proposing to close down the recycling facilities in a number of locations across our borough.

Modern living has been regarded for too long as a ‘throw away society’.

However in recent years people have come to accept that we need to conserve and recycle.

Local councils have played a crucial role in providing support and guidance on these issues and have provided a safe and efficient means by which households can dispose of a variety of items for recycling that they are unable to fit in their own recycling bins.

I visited the recycling bank near my home at the Sett Valley Car Park, Hayfield on two occasions over the recent holiday period.

Once, just after Christmas, where I noticed all of the containers were full and secondly, just after New Year, when again all containers were full to overflowing. This clearly demonstrates that there is a need for this service and also that people are making use of it.

I am concerned therefore that the withdrawal of this service will lead to an increase in fly tipping and additional rubbish being left around the area.

I thought that one of the arguments for the introduction of recycling centres/banks was to reduce the amount of rubbish that was being illegally disposed of and the additional costs that were incurred by the council in dealing with this problem.

I accept that the current Government’s austerity programme is making it particularly difficult for councils to balance their books and saving have to be made. Although the quoted saving of just over £20,000.00 a year seems a paltry amount for the benefits it brings to the community and the longer-term benefits it will have.

I would therefore urge the council to allow time for a full public consultation on these proposals before a final decision is made.

Derek Clarke

Swallow House Lane,