LETTER: Innocent people are being killed in Syria

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Before the vote in Parliament, I sent this letter to our MP Andrew Bingham.
I am opposed to the bombing of Syria. With 15 million refugees and homeless people, the Syrian people do not need yet another country raining bombs down on them. Three is more than enough to add to their own Government’s barrel bombs. Please remember that it is innocent people who suffer when war is waged and when war is waged on them from the air they are totally defenceless with nowhere to hide.
Before you vote on whether or not to support Mr Cameron’s request of parliament to bomb Syria please think on the following:
How many people live in Raqqa? I think I read recently that there are now 130,000.
How many of the 130,000 residents of Raqqa are running around in black uniforms, with masks, carrying weapons?
How many are left, after this figure, who are ordinary people wishing they could live an ordinary life?
Would that be 100,000 or 75,000; it must be at least the latter. Think about those 75,000 innocent people.
Think about how many of those ordinary people are going to be killed in the bombing.
Think about the number of orphans that will remain after the loss of their parents.
Think about how many parents will be mourning the loss of their children or other relatives.
Think about the men, women and children who will survive with unimaginable life changing injuries. 
Does anyone imagine that the UK, or any nation has smart bombs that can pick out only men in black uniforms and masks? If we bomb ISIS we will also bomb innocent people.
Imagine if you will, that you and I are sheltering in Broad Walk whilst some major power is bombing Buxton. The enemy is an educated nation with a lot of sophisticated weaponry. I get maimed or killed and you do not. What are you going to do to comfort my grandchildren who have just lost one of their loving granddads? How are you going to comfort my son or daughter who have now got to wait on their father hand and foot because my injuries are so bad I can do nothing for myself. How are you going to placate my daughter and son when the person they respected and loved so much is now unrecognisable. And, when this superior power has finished bombing Buxton they will move on to bomb another town, and another, and another.
We are all deeply moved by the loss of 130 innocent Paris lives and the maiming of many more. 
How will it help to kill 130 equally innocent Syrians? Or will that be 1,300 or 13,000?
Please stand against this horrifying act. 
Urge our Government to find another way. 
Look at the pictures of devastation on the ground in Syria. 
Is it right to rain more bombs on those poor people?

Alan Thompson

Broad Walk