LETTER: Income Tax - Protecting high earners?’

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Our MP (March 16), in common with other Tory backbenchers, welcomed Chancellor Philip Hammond’s U-turn on the national insurance contributions of the self-employed. 
He argues that the original budget proposals would have punished those ‘with the entrepreneurial spirit to strike out in business on their own’. The proposal would have meant that those self-employed workers with profits of less than £15,570 a year would actually have paid less in national insurance whilst those with profits in excess of £45,000 would have paid an extra £589. 
Isn’t the truth of the matter that Mr Bingham and his like-minded colleagues are most concerned with protecting the position of those with high earnings to the detriment of the less well-off, including those in the early years of self-employment? Whatever happened to the “Just About Managing?” But he may have had an additional reason. 
Despite the fact that we are all now supposed to sink our differences, he may have wanted to embarrass Mr Hammond (a remainer). 
If so, he suceeded. 
Whatever the reasons the treasury will have £2billion less to spend - or balance the budget - as a consequence.

Martin Brayne

Whitehough, Chinley